Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does anyone every just want to

eat until you literally can't eat anymore and then never stop? This is my problem. My weakness. I have gained pounds and pounds and pounds and I can't bear to stop eating. I need a break but I don't know how. I feel trapped between my friends and I have nowhere to go.
On one side my friend forces me to eat three "real" meals a day and on the other side my friend wants to snack. It's screwing me over.

Is it wrong to ditch you friends to get closer to your goals?

I’m so confused and lost. And I wish I knew someone at my school who restricted so that I could use them as support. All of you guys are so inspirational and you mean so much to me but I need someone to txt wenever. Day or night. I haven’t found anyone yet.
Today I tried desperately to liquid fast but I couldn’t get away from my stupid friend and not eat lunch. I got dragged to the fast food restaurant on campus. Great. Then to fro yo later and lastly to dinner at the same fast food restaurant.

Just kill me.

Kill me now because nothing is working.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well this is just another post this morning (not from my phone) and I wanted to say that yes, I need your help and if any of you are willing to txt me plz email me.

Other than that, I'm lost. I don't know what to do today and I'm kind of overwhelmed. I just want to sleep for days and then go home, away from school. I'm really starting to hate it here.

Oh well, there's your thinspo, comment or email me!

Thinspo for the Day

I Need Help! Please?

Well, it's Thursday and I don't have a texting buddy. What do you all think I should do? I already promised my friend that I would go back to school shopping with her at the end of the summer. Advice? I want to be so much smaller but I have such a hard time doing so. I miss not.quite.ana SOOO MUCH!! She's how I made it through fasting last time.

Well help me out please?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today and Yesterday Not So Good

First of all, does anyone want to do the SGD with me? It would really help if I had a buddy to do it with. Right now it's just me fighting an uphill battle and I need some support. If so please let me know. We could start like Thursday or Tomorrow even. Please Buddy up with me?!

Yea so basically Monday sucked I was doing sooooo good and then of course I had to watch SuperSize me for class and instead of depressing me it made me want McDonalds (fuck!) and so I went and ate toooo much! Gdamit! (srry for the profanities). Also, my friend has taken it upon herself to make me eat lunch and dinner with her and if I try to say I have something to do she just gets pissed off and takes me with her. So I gotta work on that.......Tips?

I hate these days when I just feel fat and I feel people staring at me. I need to get motivated except the only time that I truly feel motivated is after I eat which is cheating, no matter what I eat. Let's get itttttt. SGD gonna start on Thursday! Really gonna do it! Please let me know it you want to do it. Txt me or email me.

Thinspo for the Day

hugs and kisses

my momma told me when I was young we are all superstars

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ready for Tomorrow

Hello lovelies,

I have eaten all the bad food in my room and am preparing to throw out all the rest I am starting a new journey tomorrow. I'm calling it my journey to 140, well 140 for But the first step is I am going to attemp SGD over the next 30 days and hopefull lose some serious weight. I keep failing and I need to get back on track. I need to not feel the need to eat at least three times a day. I need to be serious and give up on food. It's just making me fatter. What kind of friendship is that? Well, tomorrow is day 1 so that means 400 calories. I hope I can do this. It says to eat as many vegetables and fruit without counting calories but I might set a limit on that too. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

I hope you all are doing great and please if someone needs a texting buddy text me because it really helps me keep going strong.


Thinspo for the Day
hugs and kisses

Friday, March 18, 2011


Just a quick update girls. I have had a crazy course load right now so I am just trying to get that done. I'll probably post on Sunday or Monday!

Hugs and Kisses!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Morning Skinnys!

It's 8:30am and I'm sitting here at my desk eating high fiber cereal to start off my day. Yesterday was bad as I went off the wagon and ate anything I wanted but today should be better [insert optimism here]. Right now I'm trying to not eat a lot but also eat multiple times throughout the day because I heard that keeps your metabolism up and running!

So I have two possible plans for today.
Plan 1 (585):
Breakfast - 1/2 cup High Fiber Cereal (90)
Lunch - Chicken Stir Fry (137)
Dinner - Chicken Stir Fry (137)
Snack 1 - Apple (95)
Snack 2 - Quaker Rice Cakes (90)
Snack 3 - Carrot Slices and Cucumber Slices (37)

Plan 2 (623):

Breakfast - 1/2 cup High Fiber Cereal (90)
Lunch - Quaker Rice Cakes (90)
Dinner - Pasta (262)
Snack 1 - Apple (95)
Snack 2 - Fruit Leather (50)
Snack 3 - Carrot Slices and Cucumber Slices (37)

Well I have class now but I'll edit and update you all lovelies later! And I'll put the thinspo up when I get a chance.

 Thinspo for the Day
hugs and kisses

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Swear I'm Alive!

Hey loves,

So to put things simply, Mono lead to me being behind in school, which led to me having to catch up in limited time, which led to spring break, which always equals massive quantities of food, which lead to my huge weight gain and depressed feelings and all of this equaled my not posting on here. I am sorry. I will do better. Plz don't ignore me now! =(

I really don't want to tell you all how much I weight but I know that if I do, it will help me to hold myself accountable. Here's the number:

I remember when I was 206 and felt so goo about myself! I hate this I'm just having so much trouble making myself ween off food. Please anyone email me or text me and help me out. Keep me going. I need to get to 140 by the beginning of the school year.

I hope you all are doing good in your journeys. I'm going to catch up on as many blogs as I can right now!

Thinspo for the Day

hugs and kisses