Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today and Yesterday Not So Good

First of all, does anyone want to do the SGD with me? It would really help if I had a buddy to do it with. Right now it's just me fighting an uphill battle and I need some support. If so please let me know. We could start like Thursday or Tomorrow even. Please Buddy up with me?!

Yea so basically Monday sucked I was doing sooooo good and then of course I had to watch SuperSize me for class and instead of depressing me it made me want McDonalds (fuck!) and so I went and ate toooo much! Gdamit! (srry for the profanities). Also, my friend has taken it upon herself to make me eat lunch and dinner with her and if I try to say I have something to do she just gets pissed off and takes me with her. So I gotta work on that.......Tips?

I hate these days when I just feel fat and I feel people staring at me. I need to get motivated except the only time that I truly feel motivated is after I eat which is cheating, no matter what I eat. Let's get itttttt. SGD gonna start on Thursday! Really gonna do it! Please let me know it you want to do it. Txt me or email me.

Thinspo for the Day

hugs and kisses

my momma told me when I was young we are all superstars

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