Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does anyone every just want to

eat until you literally can't eat anymore and then never stop? This is my problem. My weakness. I have gained pounds and pounds and pounds and I can't bear to stop eating. I need a break but I don't know how. I feel trapped between my friends and I have nowhere to go.
On one side my friend forces me to eat three "real" meals a day and on the other side my friend wants to snack. It's screwing me over.

Is it wrong to ditch you friends to get closer to your goals?

I’m so confused and lost. And I wish I knew someone at my school who restricted so that I could use them as support. All of you guys are so inspirational and you mean so much to me but I need someone to txt wenever. Day or night. I haven’t found anyone yet.
Today I tried desperately to liquid fast but I couldn’t get away from my stupid friend and not eat lunch. I got dragged to the fast food restaurant on campus. Great. Then to fro yo later and lastly to dinner at the same fast food restaurant.

Just kill me.

Kill me now because nothing is working.


  1. Why don't you try something like Weightwatchers? To be honest - no one has any real control over what you eat apart from you. Why don't you tell your friends you're trying to lose weight and that it's not very nice of them to pressure you into eating?


  2. theres nothing wrong with telling your friends that you dont want to eat at a fast food restaurant. in fact, you are the only one who can control what's going into your mouth. your friends cant force you to do anything,a nd if they get mad at your for not eating, well, idk. that's really stupid in my opinion.
    good luck, and make good choices. <3 love you!

  3. I agree with Isobel and Sofia, you are the only one who can control what you eat. If you feel uncomfortable ‘ditching’ your friends all the time, let them know that you are trying to cut back on eating junk, and that there pressure to eat out and snack isn’t helping. If they’re real friends they’ll understand. However, it’s okay to go out with your friends once in awhile just make sure when you go to a restaurant you chose a healthy option like a salad. Also I’d be happy to be a texting buddy, but you may find I’m not a very good one since I’m a full time student and work,. So there’d be times I wouldn’t respond to a text in a timely manner. Good Luck, remember tomorrow is a new day and another chance to accomplish your goals!