Monday, August 8, 2011

I Feel Like I Have to be Honest with Myself

Have I weighed myself in the last week? No. Do I feel crappy about that? Yes.

I've just gotten to the point where I feel stuck. Too fat. I hate myself right now. Nothing fits and my thighs are huge. My stomach is gross.

I've been watching a lot of Supersize v. Superskinny and all I can conclude is that really soon I'm going to be the supersizer. I would hate myself for this.

On a better note. My summer program is almost done which means I'll be home for two weeks (which could be a disaster) but afterwards I'm back at school. I realize how much I've missed my dining hall with the foods that I know the calorie content of and can choose what I want to eat and when. Literally this summer has consisted of 7 weeks of Panda Express and Chick-fil-a. Foods I love but foods that should only be eaten once every 6 months.

I can't wait until greek yogurts and salads and low calories. I can have them now but I don't know how to anymore. I need to be in my safe spot with my normal foods.

I know this doesn't tell you anything about anything I'm doing now that's inspirational but check back in a few weeks and I'll be back on track. I know it's long term but I'd really like to lose 100lbs by next summer. I feel like if I dedicate myself though I can lose more than that.

I hope everyone else is staying skinny for the summer. =)


Thinspo for the Day
I will get what I want and you will be jealous


  1. Hold on in there:)
    I've also been watching a lot of S.S vs. S.S lately (on youtube, hehe) and they have actually movitated me a bit and I just keep saying "I don't want to turn out like the supersizer. I don't want to turn out like the supersizer..." >.<

    And I wish I was dedicated as you were, 100 lbs. by next summer, optimist much?:)
    (& I mean it a good way, haha)
    So far, I lost 3 pounds....>.<

    But anyways, good luck and stay thin:)

  2. Its good to see you post again.
    Just two more weeks just hang in there. When i watch SS vs SK i always try to get tips from the superskinny. It always helps :)
    Stay strong :) x

  3. Both of your comments have made me feel so much better about myself and I feel like I will actually make it to my goal weight!

    Once think I have learned about being healthy from the show is that I need to take my vitamins so I don't get any of those crazy diseases. ick! And drink caffeine because then you won't want to eat. It teaches you so much. I think the worst part is I idolize and admire the girls with the eating disorders. I want to look like them.

    Anyways, thanks for commenting and hopefully I'll hit the ground running very soon! <3