Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Only 2 1/2 more hours

Well I sat down today and outlined the next 26 weeks of my life. It's gonna be hell. I know it will be. And yet, I'm still ready to push through it. I'm putting up new tabs at the top of my blog so you guys know what I'm up to and how it's going to go down.

To put it simply, I think my appetite has decreased monumentally since I've had mono. For my last meal tonight I got thai fried rice and egg rolls. I couldn't eat even half of the rice and ate only 1 1/2 of the egg rolls. Previously, I could eat the whole order of both fried rice and egg rolls. I knew that this was going to be my last meal to I forced myself to eat the whole thing even though I was already so full. I sucked but I know I'll be happy I did it in a week, month, and longer from now.

The only thing I'm truly worried about is the sheer ammount of food I have in my room right now. I have cookies, triscuits, popcorn, trailmix, soup, peanut butter, mini bagels, redvines, chocolate, ice cream, and a 12 pack of sierra mist. I can't just throw it away because morally that would feel wrong but I know eventually I will have to get rid of it as the urge will become too strong. Basically, I need to make it past the first 5 days and hopefully I'll be in the clear. I'm aiming to lose 3.2 pounds a week and in December I lost 6 pounds in one weeks so I hope I can handle this. The key for me is to not go to the cafeteria and binge. Also, diving is over now so as far as having to eat with my team I'm free. I may have to battle through a few random dinners with friends but I'll just fast during the day and then eat a little bit during the meal.

I just need to stay motivated! I want to reach 140 pounds more than anything right now and I need to by August 24th, my birthday is the 25th.

Thinspo for the Day

To everyone, let's keep each other strong,


  1. you can do it! i believe in you! stay strong and lovely. <3

  2. Put your head down, and do it! I know you can. If you have the drive to play sports then you have the drive to succeed here. Lean protein, unrefined carbs, natural sugars, fibre and healthy fats like avocado are your friend :)

  3. If you need to get rid of that food, you can donate it to a shelter or soup kitchen so that the less fortunate can eat it and it won't go to waste. :)