Friday, January 7, 2011

Long Day

I don't do this actual dive
Today I ate. It was good. I'm hoping that this diet will work cold turkey starting Monday! Tomorrow I have a dive meet and I'm kind of nervous as to how that will go. I'm competing three meter for the first time every (an accomplishment because I am terrified of heights). Here's a picture of a 3meter diver. If you've ever been to a public pool, it's the "high dive" some of them have.

Anyways, I will be tired, cranky, and perhaps unhappy after tomorrow's meet so I may not post until the start of the diet Saturday. I'm thinking of doing either the sgd diet or the gm diet. I want to do the gm diet but I have no access to baked potatoes in the mornings. Suggestions?

Also, I am trying to read and catch up on your blogs. If you want me to read or just another supportive commenter leave me a comment and I'll read your blog.

Thinspo for the Day

Nighty Night Lovelies,
Stay Strong

1 comment:

  1. good luck with your meet!
    im gonna try the gm diet again, if you read my post i kinda wimped out halfway through. although the diet is based on chemical reactions... so if you dont have one thing or add something not in there, its problematic.
    so maybe the sgd is better for you, since its just numbers.
    good luck! and awesome thinspo find.

    stay lovely. <3