Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet Day!

This has to be a quick post as I'm supposed to be eating breakfast with my friend =(. But anyways, today I have another dive meet! I'm really nervous actually and I kind of don't want to compete 3M but I also don't really have a choice so I might as well suck it up.

Now, here's what I have figured out so far. As long as my body obeys me, If I lose 4lbs a week between February 23rd and the end of August I could still be looking at my goal weight of 130-140 by the beginning of school. The only thing is that I'll be home for 3months during that time and my mother's not stupid so she'll probably notice I'm not eating right. So I'll have to figure something out for that.......I just need to lose this weight.

As of right now I'm mainly trying to eat better, healthier, and not end up at 2000+ calories a day. (A nightmare!) However, the good thing is that I exercise everyday for diving. Want a challenge? Do my diving ab workout from yesterday.
- 50 crunches
- 40 pike ups (hold legs together and make a V with your body and touch your toes)
- 1minute bridge/plank
- 1minute leg hold (about 6 inches off the ground)
- 50 russains (sitting with legs up and then rotate and touch the ground on both sides of your hips touching each side counts as one)
- 20 sit-ups
Then do all of that 5 times! Ick! Worst workout ever.

Thinspo for the Day

I hope everyone's staying thinspired and empty today.


  1. that workout sounds awesome! ill have to try it when i get home! thanks! and good luck in your meet! <3

  2. That is one intense ab workout! I used to be able to do that back in my competitive skiing days, but it's quite doubtful I'd be able to do it now LOL