Sunday, January 9, 2011

Starting Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow I am going to attempt the GM diet. I Googled how to bake a potato in the microwave and I believe I have everything else I need.

Tomorrow is the fruit day so I will be eating fruit all day, possibly until I explode. The actual description of tomorrow:
"Day One: All fruits except bananas. Your first day will consist of all the fruits you want. It is strongly suggested that you consume lots of melons the first day. Especially watermelon and a loupe. If you limit your fruit consumption to melons, your chances of losing three lbs. on first day are very good."

Here's the link if anyone else wants to try it! General Motors Diet Good luck!

I've decided that it might be best to weight in only at the beginning and the end but we'll have to see how well I do on that one. It's only 7 days and right now, that seems like a short ammount of time but I know it's gonna be hard

Well, here we go!

Thinspo for the Day

Starve on Lovlies,


  1. oh, that GM diet is very similar to the 7 day detox plan i've got, it's going to be my third or fourth week, so i'll see then if it works, good luck hey

  2. good luck! tell me how it goes, because i flaked in the middle. :P

    stay strong and lovely. <3

  3. Sounds really interesting! Make sure to let us know how it goes! xoxo