Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3 (icky but better than yesterday)


Today went relatively well. Breakfast was the same as usual. Lunch, I ate all the veggies and I felt proud of myself and only got 1/2 of my sandwich (If I only have half, I’ll only eat half), and then I ruined it by also eating another greek yogurt for lunch. Which wouldn’t have been too bad if It wasn’t for dinner. I had my dinner planned out and I know I should have stuck to it, but I wanted salmon and rice. Good thing that I had to work right away and didn’t have time to get it right? NO. I sampled my friend’s leftovers and then proceeded to order my own on my work break. DAMN! Well, even with the screw ups today and a 40cal snack of high fiber cereal, I only ended up at 1,136 which is good because it’s lower than 1,200. Alrighty, here’s the breakdown for today:


Vanilla Greek Yogurt – 120

Watermelon 1/4cup – 10

Cantaloupe 1/4cup – 7


Grape tomatoes 1/8pint – 8

Cucumber slices 1/3cup – 5

Carrot strips 1cup – 50

Sandwich 1/2 – 113

Vanilla greek yogurt – 120


Plain bagel – 190

Neufachatel cream cheese 2/3oz – 49

Salmon 3oz – 127

White rice (broke a rule) 1cup – 242


High fiber cereal 1/3cup – 40


BMR – 1,802

Walking on campus – 201

Running – 119

Weight lifting – 378

Pilates – 151

Diving – 303

Working – 785

Total Calories Consumed: 1,130

Total Exercise Burned: 3,739

Net Calories: -2,609

All this hard work BETTER show up on the scale on Monday!!

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