Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 7 – Sorry I didn’t write yesterday =/

Ok I know I’ve fucked up this weekend but I couldn’t post (my phone was being stupid and everything I wrote and posted got deleted so I gave up). So instead I’ll just summarize the weekend. Overall – minus today cuz today just sucked – I did really well. On friday I ended up only eating a little bit at the rehearsal dinner instead of inhaling everything in sight (it was buffet style). Then Saturday, I had two greek yogurts, some Trop50 oj, and 1/4cup of bear naked. Then for the dinner I mostly ate a lot. However, I ate all the salad stuff = accomlishment. I ate the veggies in my entree and left behind some of the tortellini = accomplishment. I barely ate any cake (they gave each of us 2 4-layer pieces of cake =o) = accomplishment. So it was good but I couldn’t figure out how many calories I took in.

Now for today. Today was a failure. Complete failure. For breakfast/lunch I had scrambled eggs on ciabatta bread, greek yogurt, trop50 OJ = 340 calories. Then for my second lunch (yes, SECOND LUNCH) I had 1 3/4 cheeseburgers from McDs and large fries = 1,121. And then for dinner I had 1/2 a cheeseburger at school and 11 onion rings. FML.

Total Calories = 2,044 =(

I haven’t weighed in all weekend (couldn’t find the scale) So I plan to weigh in tomorrow and go from there. I don’t know how that’s going to go at all though =/. I hope it goes well. I bought laxatives.

The one amazing thing that happend this weekend is that I bought new jeans. That may not sound awesome butttt……..

THEY’RE A SIZE SMALLER THAN THE ONLY JEANS I COULD FIT INTO FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!!! I’m soooo happy. I can finally fit into a size 17 and they’re comfortable too =) I’m sooo happy about this. But I didn’t want to tell my mom as I want her to be super surprised when I come home for xmas and I am a size 15 or hopefully size 13. BTW, I am only buying my jeans – until I reach size 11 or 9 – at JC Penny’s because I figure I don’t want to waste money every month and also I’m thinking of it as a reward for myself.

Alrighty, I’ll just put in the daily breakdown for this weekend and then go to bed:


Total Calories Consumed: 835

Total Exercise Calories Burned: 2,353

Net Calories: -1,518


Total Calories Consumed: 436 + about 1,000

Total Exercise Calories Burned: 2,105

Net Calories: -669


Total Calories Consumed: 2,044

Total Exercise Calories Burned: 2,408

Net Calories: -364

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