Friday, November 12, 2010

Damn! - Day 5

Of course this would happen to me. I splurged yesterday because…..of course I couldn’t resist and checked my weight. Damn! Well as of yesterday I should have been around 210-210.6. But now, this morning, I’m 212.0. But here’s my reason for all of this. First of all yesterday’s weigh-in was after I had eaten, worked out, and drunken a ton of water. So it may have been a weird number. Now, as far as today’s number goes, I only got 2 1/2hrs of sleep as I had to be up around 3:00 to catch my flight home. So I don’t think my body really had time to readjust itself as I usually sleep 6-8hrs a night.

Now for today. So far, I have already fucked up and it’s only 5am. Smh. I ate two McDonald’s hashbrowns. At least I can admit that. I tend to be a solo eat in secret person who doesn’t want to admit what kind of crap they put in their body. Well I had my Greek yogurts to eat but the stupid TSA woman wouldn’t let me take them through so I ended up majorly hungry on the only options being McDs, Starbucks, or a sandwich place. I hate airports! =( I just hope this isn’t a sign for the rest of this weekend.

One foot in front of another, one fork down leads to another, and one pound gone can always be followed by another. I will not fail.

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