Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 2


Ok, first of all it sucks to be up this early. It just gives me that many more hours in the day to eat! damn. I had to be up for our 6am diving conditioning. It sucks. However, I did learn that lunges are the best exercise to eliminate my flabby hamstrings and that leg lifts and leg holds are the best for my lower belly roll =(. So, I guess I will start doing those friday-monday (days when I don’t have morning practice already).

So far I have had 269 calories for breakfast – more than yesterdays breakfast. But I have already burned at least 1,000calories so we’re doing good. Also, I almost caved this morning – twice – and weighed myself. I know I can’t do that though so I’m writing on here instead. If I look and I’ve gone up I will be pissed and eat in an attempt to feel better. But, if it’s less, I will feel really happy and think that because I’ve gone down it’ll be perfectly fine to eat more – THIS IS NOT TRUE. This weight thing is so hard and I’m only on the 2nd day? Damn! But I’m just gonna inch along slowly and I will get there. Afterall, it’s easier to trip if you’re running as opposed to walking right?


Ok. So I fucked up and snacked so I changed my dinner choice to make up for the problem. But now I’m at a swim team event that has two rlly large sheet cakes to support cancer! This sucks! Of course everyone will question me if I don’t eat the cake even if I give a legitimate reason. Damn! It’s like the world hates me. Prior to the cake, I will be at 1,185calories not counting my exercise for the day. But still, the cake is gonna kick me up above the 1,200 mark which is what I try to make my absolute max for the day. So either I deal with ridicule or I suck it up and hope my exercise does it’s job. I need to be down 3lbs by Monday. I NEED TO. However, the main problem is this weekend. As I will be home going to my cousin’s wedding. The perfect excuse to overeat and overeat a lot. But I’ve decided that no matter what I’m going to make sure I have my Greek yogurt and some other healthy low-cal food with me at ALL times. At the rehearsal dinner and the reception I will cut everything put in front of me into small pieces, drink lots of water in between each bite, and leave at least half the food on my plate. I refuse to chew and spit though. If I screw up at home, I could easily gain more than 3lbs by Monday instead of losing them.

Ok. Last update before bed. =) here’s where I ended up for the day:
Watermelon 1/2cup – 10
Cantaloupe 1/2cup – 14
Strawberry banana Greek yogurt – 160
Tropicana OJ 6oz – 85

Usual sandwich – 226
Cucumber slices 1/3cup – 5
Carrot slices 1cup – 50
Grape tomato 1/8pint – 8

English Muffin 3/4 – 100
PB 1TBSP – 94
Grape Tomatoes 1/4pint – 16
Cucumber slices 1/4cup – 8
Xing mango green tea 1/2can – 30

Snacks (not all at once):
Humus 1/4cup – 70
Pita 1piece – 170
Orange cranberry muffin =( – 140
Vanilla cake w/frosting 1/4slice – 60

BMR – 1,802
Walking on campus – 201
Diving – 363
Morning Dryland – 1,083

Total Calories – 1,246 (46 over my max)
Total Exercise – 3,449
Net Calories – -2,203

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