Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 1 - Again

So I have started Day 1 again. I weighed in today too. I am the same as yesterday =( 211.4lbs. I guess that’s good after my red robin binge (eeww!) and my late-night snack. I hope it works a lot better this time (fingers crossed). So far – at 10:45am – I have had 171 calories for breakfast as people say skipping breakfast screws up your metabolism – right? Well I had a vanilla Chobani Greek Yogurt, about 1/3cup of watermelon, and 1/3cup of honeydew melon. That doesn’t sound too bad for breakfast and I was talking on the phone to my mom so I had to slow my eating down and really enjoy/think it. If I could find a way to slow down how much I eat, I think that would be highly beneficial.

Also, question. Does anyone know if apples and PB is a good “not too ana” meal? – Thanks!


So it is now 8:41pm Pacific time. I’m doing homework and going to watch GG. Today has been a great first day today and I want to see what the scale think SO BAD tomorrow morning, but I will refrain. So far my day has been good. Curse dinner though because that has got to be the one meal where either you binge or you look ana. Am I right? I had to have a humus snack pack thing and fruit and I still got people saying rude things. Fuck! Oh well. When I’m thin I can eat how they want me to (well sort of). Here’s my day break down:


Vanilla Chobani Greek Yogurt – 120

Watermelon – 13

Honeydew Melon – 18


Sandwich (WW bread, humus, lettuce, tomato, onion) – 226


Sabra Humus Snack Pack w/Pretzels – 380

Fresh Fruit Salad – 100


Diving – 262

BMR – 1,802

Walking on Campus – 201

Total Food Calories – 857

Net Calories - -1.409

It felt so good to be empty and not all icked up with tons of fatty and greasy foods and it’ll feel better when I don’t have to do a jean dance to get size 7 Hollister jeans on. (YES!)

I need to be there! I need to. If I don’t reach this by summer I will die. Literally.

I’m going home to visit my family this weekend and after that I won’t be home until Dec 17 and If i’m good by then I should be down to 195. I want them to notice.

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