Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 2...Sorta

I feel really accomplished right now. I mean, not as much as I want but still I have done better today than most days. I'll clue you guys in on what I'm talking about. It's already 1:30 and I've only had 443 calories. As compared to yesterday where by this time I'd had over 1000. eep! This morning I had a lot of fruit, and a english muffin with PB and banana. I felt great this morning when I put aside half the banana, the english muffin, the PB, and the other fruit and I only ate half of each. So far I have completed my task for the day. Getting rid of half of everything I eat. Then, for lunch I had 1/2 a PBJ (I know. More PB= not good) and a cup of apple slices. So once again I ate half of the main part of my meal! I felt so good.

Now the part of the day that just made me feel super good was when I refrained from screwing up my day. My friend was buying a cookie and I stood there staring and looking and craving a piece of pumpkin pie and pecan pie. She told me to get it and I snapped out of it, refused, and walked away quickly. It felt sooooo good. If I can keep making that kind of progress, thin has to come easily to me. Right?

I know someone out there must care about me. And I feel bad in letting that person down especially after such a great day! Damn! But I got carried away. Not even until dinner. I did really well and I got what I planned on getting but then it started going downhill after that. First there was the tortilla chip bar and the ice cream and the naked juice. Which when I add all of it up, it comes out at a 606 calorie binge. Which I will say is better than yesterday. Overall today I consumed 1,249 calories and burned around 3,058 calories. So I'm definitely negative. I just hope that counts. My net calorie consumption was -1,809 at the end of the day! Damn! Well, tomorrow will be better. So far I've also taken 2 multi-vitamins today. I know you're only supposed to take 1 but I really need to raise the iron in my blood by friday so I can donate blood. Also, Thursday and Friday are meet days. So Thursday I'm going to try to only eat a small lunch and then we have a team dinner where I will be required to eat. Friday, I'm going to try and eat as little as possible so as not to raise suspicions.

I never really though about this and I hope it's really true but I think I will be able to better restrict when I'm home. Not all days, not when we have tons of food, but for sure the other days. I may even be able to get away with fasting for a day, or more! I really wanna try fasting and I gotta find a way to fight back the Thanksgiving and Christmas pounds! grrrrrr!

All I know is those Hollister jeans will be mine. If you do read this plz don't give up on me cuz if so it'll probably just lead to me giving up on myself. Which I can't have happen!

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  1. Peanut butter is my great indulgence. If you microwave the peanut better until it's runny, dip a knife in and let most of the pb drip off. Then drizzle it over whatever it is you're eating (I like mine on apple slices with cinnamon). That way you cover everything with a thin layer and still get pb in every bite.

    Peanut butter isn't always bad for you either. Just make sure your brand isn't all sugar and hydrogenated oil.