Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 3

Ok. Here we go. Day 3. So far, I am at 214.8. Which means I'm already down one pound from Monday. I'm very happy about this! =)

Here's my plan for the day:
1 Stoneyfield Raspberry Low-Fat Yogurt - 130
1 Cup Trop50 OJ - 56

1 Salmon Fillet (Grilled) - 127
1 Cup Sliced Apples - 57

1 Advent Calendar Chocolate (Yum!) - 7

Ok. So today should be good as long as I stick to it. And with exercise I should end up at about -2,150. Yessss! Let's rock today! I know I can! I know it! I can feel it. I just can't break down and give in.

I should let you all know that today is the definition of a binge day. My birthmother's in the hospital and I'm under so much stress and pressure. It's rlly hard to deal. I want to do well so bad but I also just wanna drown my feelings in French fries. I hate days like these. Just please everyone don't hate me if I fail today. I can't tell you how happy I'd be to keep my daily intake this low for once and I already did so well since monday, as far as the scale goes. I'm just super stressed.


  1. ooh yay for negative intake! and congratz on your weight loss!! you'll be out of the 200's before you know it <33

  2. I'm so sorry today is so hard for you!
    but stay strong, you can do this!

  3. hey honey, thanks for your lovely comments - I'm following you now! :)

    your intake was really good today - don't let the stress of your life explode in the form of a binge. It's not being good to yourself.

    I hope things go better for you soon xx