Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GW1 Reached!

Dayy 10

So I woke up, and I'm 209.6! Yessss! Now I have officially reached GW1 and can try for 205 or maybe even 203 by xmas break - next friday, the 17th. I want it so bad! I can taste it! And luckily, I don't know of any possible binge times until next thursday and by then I already hope to be too close to screw it up.

I've calculated it and if I lose at a steady rate (but when does that acutually happen =)?) of.8 or more each day I could be looking at 203 by next friday. Please Please Please??

Ok, So Here's the Plan For Today:
Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt - 120
6oz Oatmeal - 67
2tsp Brown Sugar - 35
1/2 Cup Watermellon - 20


1 Salmon Fillet - 127
Teriyaki Sauce - 30
Apple Slices - 57

Advent Calendar Chocolate - 7
Dreyer's Strawberry Fruit Bars - 80

Total: 486

I bought the popsicles on an impulse shopping trip and I probably shouldn't have but now I've got to eat them before xmas break! damn that's gonna be hard!

Thinspo for the Day

Well, wish me luck! I wish it to you all as well! Go forward and thin down! lol


I didn't stick to the plan perfectly today. As you saw I had oatmeal on top of my yogurt this morning but I skipped lunch instead. This was probably the hardest part of my day. I was sitting in my bed and litterally could feel my body pulling me to go and eat. I had to text not.quite.ana to keep me from eating. She told me to shower or sleep. But I knew that if I moved from my bed, left my room, or even go to the bathroom I wouldn't be able to hold myself back. So I lay down in bed and slept. I slept from 4 until 6:15. At one point I woke up and I had the worst hunger pains I've ever experienced but somehow I forced myself back to sleep.

So that was the #1 obstacle of the day. #2 was work tonight. I work at the cashier station in one of school's cafeteria/fast food restaurant called The Cooler. So for 4 1/2 hours I had to hand people hamburgers, BLTs, grilled cheeses, onion rings, fries, etc and when it was time for my 10minute break I ate the salmon and teriyaki I had planned for myself. Then, I got fries and at 22 of them and ate 2 of my friends onion rings. Damn! Well, I still kept my binge under 200 calories and so I ended up at 658 calories today. Not bad I guess but still.

I can't believe on Monday I thought I would never be able to take in so few calories in one day and survive but I am and I'm going to continue to!

Well there's the synopsis of my day.

Stay Strong Lovelies!