Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 6

Hey, Sorry for no post yesterday. It was hectic with my dive meet and everything.

Yesterday was pretty good I believe. A few slip ups but overall very good. However, I spent the night at my birthmother's last night and ended up not having a scale this morning so I had no clue how much I weighed. Then, I did bad today =( That's the most I can tell you without feeling worse than I already do.

The result?

24 hour juice fast tomorrow. This will include at the most 1cup of Trop50 Orange Juice. If possible I'm going to try to continue until Monday around 3:45pm. If so, I will allow myself 1/2cup of Top50 for Monday. I hope I can do this! It would make me feel better. In the spring I completed a 10day Master Cleanse and was proud of myself. However, it was with one of my friends and without her I know I wouldn't have made it. It helps me to have someone/people there being supportive of me.

How's everyone else doing?

I will share with you though the good news that I got before I screwed it up with a binge. I got down to 212.6 (a loss of 2.8lbs) just between Monday and Friday. However, with that binge I probably screwed up all my hard work =( I gotta do it again! I gotta work harder. If I lose a pound a day next week (which my loss last week showed is almost possible) I can be under 210 by finals! I hope so I hope so I hope so!! Maybe the fast tomorrow will help!

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  1. aww i'm sorry you had a bad day :/ it's horrible feeling like you've ruined all your work! good luck with your juice fast though, i know you can do it!! feel free to text me if you need some motivation :)