Sunday, December 12, 2010

Someone Must Love Me

Day 12

I am convinced that there's gotta be some magical power helping me along. Today I was...


I didn't gain, I didn't lose. I wouldn't even say I plateaued. For some reason my huge binge didn't make me gain. THANK YOU! I was preparing myself for about a 1-2lbs gain. Guess not.

On a different note. Finals start tomorrow and I have one everyday until I go home friday morning. ick. So I need to log myself off Blogger, not comment on your blogs, and not search for Thinspo for the next 8-9 hours at least. I can do it! Lol. It's like trying to make myself not go on facebook. It rarely works =).

I can't tell you what the plan is today, I need to eat more frozen food this week before xmas break because I have to defrost my refrigerator. oops. I may start offering food to people. It'll help me not binge in the long run I'm sure.

How is everyone else? Any horror stories for the day? Also, has anyone seen Black Swan or For Colored Girls because I want to and I want a synopsis. I've seen most of For Colored Girls but the bootleg (lol) copy cut off the end. I also want to know how scary Black Swan is and what the actually scary part is.

Anyways, logging off now! Ciao Lovlies!

Thinspo for the Day

So I completed another 24 hour fast but only lost .6lbs this time. >=//
Maybe by tomorrow morning it'll go down more. Right now I am having a Dreyer's Strawberry Fruit Bar and that is it for my intake for the day.  I am 207.0 But I'll wait until tomorrow morning to officially give you all my current weight. That is all for the night!

Hope everyone did well today and does better tomorrow!!!

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  1. Good luck on exams! I'm sure you're going to do great :) xoxo