Thursday, December 9, 2010

No No No

Day 10

Plateau. Hit one. Hate it. Must get past it. I have to be down 4.6 lbs in at least 1 week from tomorrow. I have to.

I can't give a meal plan today as I'm with my birthmother which always leads to surprises. What I do know is I'm taking one of my yogurts and planning on a frozen meal for dinner. But basically I'm going to try to fast so that I can change plans quickly. Unlike the oatmeal yesterday where I got dragged to breakfast after I'd already eat my breakfast. Oh well.

I can't tell anyone this but I've decided that all I truly want for Christmas is to be out of the 200s and just a little bit more willpower. =) I mean, who doesn't? What do you want for Christmas? Ana related or not.

Have a good day lovelies. And stay strong as I know I have to today regardless of my birthmother and my plateau. If this plateau continues past 2 or 3 days though, then I'm going to have to get serious.

Thinspo for the Day


I know it's technically Friday but I need to rant about Thursday. I binged. Bad. My birthmother got to me and we went to the most greasy burger place in the city. It was so good but so sinful the whole time. I was able to get a diet coke and then only eat half of my GIANT burger when she at her whole one. Luckily I stopped other wise it would have been much worse.  I just want to get to 205 by next friday and that's going to be hard. Especially accounting for the exta weight I know I'm going to gain from today.

*sigh* I really can't complain. I did it to myself.

Night Lovelies. Tomorrow will be better.

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  1. i want to be allegic to all my fatty favorite foods, thats what i want for christmas :)