Friday, December 10, 2010


Still Day 11

Someone Help! I have a question. If I haven't eaten since 6:15 last night does that make these 25 1/2 hours a fast? Also, If I just checked the scale and now it says 208.8 is that real? Is it lying to me? Usually it doesn't but I don't know. It also said I'm a whole .5% lower in body fat. Oh I'm so confused! I never fast so I don't know how to handle this random weight loss.

Anyways, I planned breakfast and the popsicle but I kept putting it off telling myself I'd eat it later. So I'm down to my Healthy Choice Orange Zest Chicken Meal. I'm just going to eat the whole time or whatever part of it I want to since I haven't eaten anything else today. Well I'm going to write the 208.8lbs down and the 45.0% B.F.% and then see how tomorrow morning on the scale goes.

I noticed this morning that originally I was super excited to get up in the mornings and weigh myself. But this morning I literally had to drag myself out of bed just to get myself to weigh and like I knew it was bad. t's crazy how you can gain such a hatred for an inanimate object. Oh well. Well hoping for the 209s or 208s tomorrow! Wish me luck! If this 208.8 is real I may instate another 24 hour fast on Sunday so that I have a better chance of reaching 207, but maybe even 205 =)


  1. To me, anything 24 hours and over is an official fast, so congratulations! As far as the weight goes, if you've stayed hydrated, you can assume it is your actual weight AFTER THE FAST. You WILL put some weight back on once you eat something, because your body will attempt to hang onto it. That is why it is imperative to not binge after a fast, because you will gain everything back, and a little more. So expect the number to be a little higher once you start eating again, but keep it in control and the number on the scale will narrow out. Stay strong! xoxo